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14 December
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motherfuckin charlie bronson
666 volt battery noise, a silver mount zion, ahlzagailzehguh, american fucking whore gods, american mean girls, amps for christ, anal cunt, animal collective, antioch arrow, arab on radar, asterisk, asterisk*, at the drive-in, aube, balde, bastard noise, bio-bitch, black dice, black leather jesus, brighter death now, c.c.c.c., charles bronson, cock esp, con-dom, control, corrupted, crass, cripple bastards, crom-tech, d. yellow swans, daniel menche, dead body love, deathpile, dededesprintere, degrassi, dick and towel, discordance, discordance axis, drone, earth, emil beaulieau, experimental, experimental music, extreme goths, extreme music from africa, eyehategod, fagass, fall of because, freaks and stuff, friends forever, gay shit, gerogerigegege, goat, godflesh, government alpha, grindcore, growing, hair police, hanatarash, harsh noise, heroin, hijokaidan, holy molar, holy wemen, i hate everything, immaculate grotesque, incapacitants, japanoise, jew dar, jew dar of course, jewish girls, jewish girls on speed, joy division, k.i.t., khanate, lackthrow, lhd, lightning bolt, lsd, macronympha, mammal, man is the bastard, masonna, mean girls, melt banana, merzbow, metalux, monkey mania, msbr, nation of ulysses, nautical almanac, ngwtt, noise, noisecore, noothgrush, nurse with wound, omvn, orthrelm, oscillating innards, page 27, pain jerk, panicsville, patriotic dicks, pedestrian deposit, privy seals, prurient, radiosonde, rainbow blanket, rhy yau, richard ramirez, runzelstirn and gurgelstock, satanism, sickness, skin crime, slaybitch, smell and quim, sonic youth, speed, ssion, su19b, sudden infant, sunn o))), super extreme goths, swans, tchau, the cherry point, the haters, the locust, the lodge, the rita, the vss, thirdorgan, thrash, throbbing gristle, thurston moore, tiny laughs, tourette, troniks/pacrec, unamerican, upsilon acrux, winger, wolf eyes, wrangler brutes, xiu xiu, xome